thoughts about software and sensible security.
I am Jasper Sprengers, all-round software enthusiast on the Java platform and currently working for Ilionx in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. On this blog I write about anything that fascinates me about the craft, such as coding practices, team dynamics and in particular security and privacy. You can contact me through LinkedIn. I’m not on social media.

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The future won’t be anything like 1984: it could be even worse


In George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighy-Four, English Socialism (Ingsoc) has created the mother of all police states and turned proud England into a wretched wasteland. Suppression and retribution are as brutal as the neglect of people’s well-being is callous. Everyone is a slave but for a tiny elite of Inner Party members. The Party exists only to grow more powerful and its sole purpose and expression of this power is to make people suffer. It is personified by Big Brother, whose image stares you in the face at every street corner. Yet he never appears in public and we can’t be certain he even exists. Everywhere you are watched. Every passer-by, every co-worker could be an agent of the Thought Police. Rumour has it they can read the tiniest involuntary twitches in your face that could betray anti-revolutionist thoughts, as if they can look right inside your brain. Fear is constant and daily life an exhausting struggle to toe the line.

John Hurt as Winston Smith and Richard Burton as O’Brien in Michael Radford’s adaptation (1984)


Programmeren met passie? Please!


Peter de Wits laatste Sigmund column kwam als geroepen deze zaterdag. Ik liep al langer met het idee om eens af te rekenen met het grootste jeukwoord van de afgelopen jaren. Ik hoop dat de Volkskrant deze trouwe abonnee en Sigmund fan dit fair use toestaat…

Peter de Wit in de Volkskrant van 4 aug 2018


ATDD testing: All Tests Drive Development


I have always been a fan of testing and blogged about it in the past. Software testing is a complex discipline. Most developers admit it’s important, but I think we are often mistaken about the true purpose of testing. It already starts with the word ‘test’, which has a wider range of meanings in software than the dictionary definition [to] take measures to check the quality, performance, or reliability of (something), especially before putting it into widespread use or practice. What is this something? The software of course! Ah, so we apply the test to something that’s already there. We test to check the work we have done. That not quite TDD. (more…)

Oracle de Zwarte Piet? Ik geloof er niks van


En weer heeft een omvangrijk automatiseringsproject van de overheid gierend zijn budget en opleverdatum overschreden. Dit keer gaat het om de digitalisering van onze rechtspraak, een oud en eerbiedwaardig instituut dat – deels terecht – allergisch is voor politieke inmenging en zodoende meer dan 200 miljoen aan belastinggeld over de balk heeft kunnen gooien. (more…)

Spring Data REST: convention over security


You know the sales pitch by now: agile development helps to deliver value to stakeholders fast and efficiently. Frequent releases guarantee maximum visibility. We want to see progress now. So we’ll spare a thought for security along the way and worry about it when it’s too late.

Don’t get me wrong: if that’s how a team chooses to work they only have themselves to blame. There is nothing in agile development that downplays the importance of security.  It’s just that an inordinate focus on delivering visible value fast doesn’t bode well for safe software, as this is a quality attribute that takes time (=money) to do well and meanwhile is not very visible to end users. Until it all goes horribly wrong of course. (more…)

thoughts about software and sensible security.

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