Voting without an opinion, whether for parliament or during Scrum poker

Tomorrow we choose a new Parliament. Parties have shared their positions in their respective programs on all sorts of fundamental and more topical issues that will affect our present and future lives. Some parties have a clear ideological (religious) bent while others are more pragmatic. Whoever you vote for, you effectively support a wide array of positions that may not be all your own and which can often only be fleshed out in a diluted fashion, but that’s what’s democratic coalition government is about. What you certainly can never have as an individual is an informed opinion on everything important.

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Artwork for my new site

Over the Christmas holidays I created a new home for my open source projects and articles: The name is made-up Esperanto word, meaning something with which to join things. It can be glue if you want. Feel free to stick around.

My wife Sandra drew this cartoon figure ten years ago when I was working a lot with Google Web Toolkit. I removed the GWT logo from the box and repurposed it. These days, with my reading glasses and streaks of grey hair I’m actually a better match. Being a coffee lover as well as an amateur photographer I made coffee-themed photos for each entry. Enjoy!

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