Security as an afterthought

I am doing a Coursera course called Usable Security which – as you would expect – is all about improving the security of systems through better usability.

It’s hard to dispel the opinion common among developers that usability and security are somehow inversely proportionate; that rock-solid secure systems are of necessity hard to use, and that improving their usability must degrade their security. Quite the opposite is true in fact. Systems with a large potential for serious damage should be foolproof and that’s where usability comes in. Making them hard to learn only makes them more error-prone. Continue reading “Security as an afterthought”

Staging a play the agile way

It’s been roughly two years since I wrote and staged my IT-comedy Fair Trade, which we performed on location for two teams of developers. Great fun it was, and it’s available here if you read Dutch. With all my years of experience in incremental product delivery I was wondering: could you produce a play in monthly sprints, sharing the incremental deliveries with an audience? Spoiler: no, you couldn’t. It’d be torture for everyone involved. It’s waterfall or nothing. Continue reading “Staging a play the agile way”