In defence of pedantic tools

We aim to please the customer at short notice and always overestimate our capacity to comprehend a system as it gets more complex. That’s a recipe for technical debt. The antidote to this psychological shortfall is more team discipline in writing clean code with good test coverage. Static analysis tools with strict validation settings should be an integral part of your continous integration process.

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Missing out more than you can manage

(Dutch version)
The prolific Dutch author Martin Bril who died at age fifty famously said that we miss out on more than we could ever experience. Je mist meer dan je meemaakt; it has a better cadence in the original. Our lives relentlessly chug towards the finish line while the options to fill this finite time are practically infinite. Bril wrote as if his life depended on it and only death could silence him. His curiosity knew no limits and he would not have run out of ideas had he lived another thirty years and penned another ten thousand columns. I couldn’t have read them all. No one can digest the daily output of new books, music and movies, not even if you limit yourself to the pick of the bunch. Even What’s New on Netflix can be a day job. Continue reading “Missing out more than you can manage”

For starters

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This is the first post of my new blog, but hardly my first piece of writing for the web. Since joining codecentric Netherlands in 2015 I have been writing for their international and much-read blog and I definitely intend to post regularly.

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